Cat on Board!

IMG_4736 (800x533) DSC05765 (800x600)We got a cat in Las Palmas.

She is a real sailor, loves fish – especially the flying kind, listens – or rather ignores us – to the name LEIA.

Leia IMG_4761 (533x800) DSC05897 (800x600) IMG_4720 (800x533) (800x533) When we are sailing, each morning she searches for any flying fish that got washed up on deck and devours them, even when they are still flapping about…

And at anchorage, she tries to catch birds (at least the small ones, but we’ll see what happens if  she gets in a fight with a pelicane here in Tobago) – and was successful at least once.IMG_4740 (800x533)